Power Washing

We will power wash your house, drive etc. We can power wash all your window screens as part of window cleaning and we can also power wash patios, outdoor furniture, garage floors, pool decks, and even small boats for those who live in waterfront communities. Power washing also removes oil stains from driveways or along the curb in front of your house where cars have parked and left behind drips or...
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Winter Visitors

Arizona is a prime destination for Winter Visitors. When it's cold back home, it's lovely in the desert. But the heat of summer isn't quite so pleasant. This means Arizona's Winter Visitors head home for our hot summers often leaving winter homes behind. Unattended, these homes tend to gather dust and cobwebs. Who really wants to start a nice winter vacation cleaning up the house? Let us do that f...
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Fan Cleaning

It's okay to admit that you hate cleaning your ceiling fans! It's a pain to have the dust fall in your face and an even bigger pain to climb up a ladder risking life and limb. We will clean the fans for you and get any cobwebs that might have gathered as well. As always we'll treat your house with respect putting down a tarp to catch the dust that might fall and wearing protective footwear wheneve...
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Window Cleaning

The first thing we do before washing the windows is brush the frames surrounding your windows to remove all the cobwebs and dust. While we're inside your home we wear shoe covers and we clean up after ourselves. When we clean your screens we prop them up on a custom built stand and pressure wash both sides of the screen. We also clean mirrors, fans, light fixtures, glass table tops, stained gla...
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